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Introducing Cheryl Pilcher!

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Cheryl Pilcher - Camaro Product Manager

This is another name you all should familiarize yourselves with. :)

Cheryl is the boss! :D
She's head of all Product development of the 5th Generation Camaro.

She started working on the F-Body platform and cars in 1986, has an engineering background, and is more of a Camaro geek than I am, so she is definitely the right person for the job. :cool:

Some links you can follow for information about Cheryl:

Click "Chevy Clubhouse" and then click on the Silver Camaro Concept car.
There you will find two audio profiles from Cheryl herself.

Also found there is a movie...
"Volcano" - the very FIRST Camaro television commercial from 1967! :cool:

Tom Henry Racing c/o Camaro Homepage held an interview with Cheryl.
Rather than quote the whoe thing, you can just visit:

Again, I do stay in regular contact with Cheryl as well, so trust me, any informatioion I feel is important DOES get passed on to the appropriate venues at General Motors. :)

If Scott is "Fbodfather" and John is "Fbodfather 2.0"
.....then Cheryl is "Fbodmother" :D

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Good info, nice to know. Im glad some ideas somehow get to GM. Things like this make me glad to be comes over the GM side.
I wish Cheryl and John would both register accounts here, that'd be awesome. :cool:

But they are crazy busy working on the car we want them to work on. :D

However, Scott is registered here, and many others lurk, so the info DOES get there! :)
Yep, GM DOES monitor the major automotive related forums, they have for some time :cool:
Cheryl is AWESOME! i could barely contain my excitement driving with her at Milford and she totally put up with my squeaky, bouncy, goofy self.

she is not only badass because she's a Camaro engineer from way back... but she even likes hanging out with us crazy Fbody fanatics :D

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What the heck, who you callin crazy!!! :D
You drove with her that's so cool...

Anyways a womens touch could definetly enhance some aspects of the car.
Do you think we could convince any of the marketing people to at least publlish some kind of a schedule about when they will come out with the information about the Camaro?

You know they have to a have an internal schedule. They could at least tell us WHEN they are going to release the engine options. At least would give us something to count down to, instead of the first build a year from now!
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