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Invasion '06 For F-Body Gathering (G10) in Atlanta

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This is the official invite from the crew over on to join us for a road trip from the areas surrounding Chicago, and all points in between, via Indy, Louisville, Bowling Green and Chattanooga to Atlanta.

BIG PLUS - the Camaro Concept is scheduled to be @ G10 too!

Let's shoot for @ least 100 cars - let's make this huge!!!

Annoucing the annual "Invasion" cruise we will do every year to start in Chicago and finish in Atlanta at the Annual F-body Gathering on Memorial Day Weekend. This Year's Dates are May 26-28 ... site info here -->
Here is the Pre-liminary Information for this Awesome Event.

Event Cities..
Wednesday, May 24th
Chicago to Indy: 3 ? hrs/182 miles
(Leave Chicago 8:00-11:30 arrive Indy)

Stop at Indy for some fun and lunch!
*Speedway Fun time: 11:30-2:30

Indy to Louisville: 2 ? hrs/114 miles
(Leave Indy 2:30 ? 4:30 arrive Louisville)

Stop for the night. Enjoy Louisville 4th St Live/ O?Malley?s Corner/River walk

Thursday, May 25th
Louisville to Chattanooga: 5 hrs/305 miles
*Alternate route Louisville to Atlanta: 61/2 hrs/421 miles

Points of interest:
*Bowling Green & the Corvette Museum
*Lynchburg, TN and the Jack Daniels Distillery

Leave Louisville 8:00 arrive BG at 9:30
Enjoy museum.

Leave BG 11:00: Stop for lunch Murfreesboro, TN: 12:40 ? 1:30

Murfreesboro 13:30-2:30 arrive in Lynchburg, TN (or cont. straight on to Atlanta)

Enjoy the J.D. distillery 2:30 ? 4:00

Leave Lynchburg 4:00 arrive Chattanooga 5:45

Rest! Or go enjoy the famous Chattanooga Cho-Cho (now a great restaurant), Ruby Falls, Lookout Mt., Coolidge Park or the famous TN Aquarium
Friday, May 26th
Sleep in a little! Leave Chattanooga 9:30 arrive Atlanta 11:30 (119 miles)

More info to follow as for now Who's interested .. ya dont have to go the whole tour, no restrictions, there are other clubs forming their clan's. This could be big, huge .. dont miss it .. You going? Let us know Registration is free for this site .. leave your mark by posting
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There's a hotel in Louisville that will provide the extra police protection. Price is good, not too far out of the way, and the extra protection is nice.

Please post up if you're going, how many people and rooms you'll need. I'm NOT going to make your reservations for you, but I will try to coordinate with the hotel for how many rooms and that stuff. I'll post up the hotel info not long after I get an idea on headcount.

I'm coordinating with on a hotel in Chatanooga. I'll keep you posted on times, dates, routes, etc.
Hey guys & gals, to set up the rooms in Louisville and Chattanooga, I'll need to have a pretty close count (cars/people/rooms) of how many. We need to compile a list so if you're going to spend the night in Louisville please post up ASAP. Time is running out on us - 74 days and counting!

Also, the official website for the Gathering is up. Here's the link:


I can't do it, I have school. Take lots of pictures! :D
You know I'll be there. I'll need atleast 1 maybe up to 4 rooms for Louisville.
This sounds like a alot of fun, I'm in. :)
OctaneZ28 said:
This sounds like a alot of fun, I'm in. :)
Okay, I set up the Microtel Inn hotel for us to stay in Louisville for Wednesday night, May 25. Please call them and set up your reservation now if you'll be staying overnight in Louisville. Here's the phone # for the hotel in Louisville -- 502-266-6590. You MUST tell them you are a part of the "Invasion '06" group to get the group rate of $45.95 - single/$55.95 - double plus taxes. They are even willing to ask for extra police patrols for added security for us!

When you make your reservations please post up and let us know.
I won't be going this year. Can't afford it. :( :(
That makes the nana sad.
25 Days/14 Hours now.
Does everyone have their reservations made for the hotel in Louisville? We should be posting up info on the hotel in Chattanooga this week.
Brian, are you kinda running the get together for everyone leaving the Chicago area?
Who else is joining the Invasion Tour along the way? Please post up and let us know.
We need to set up approximate times when we'll be hitting various areas so everyone can join us along the way.
I'll handle Chicago, I posted abot it on LS1LT1.
I hope that you all have a safe trip and enjoy the concept in person it is so freakn bad!
Don't Delay ANY Longer!!!

Everyone, I just spoke with the GM of the Microtel Inn here in Louisville. Here's the phone # for the hotel in Louisville -- 502-266-6590. You MUST tell them you are a part of the "Invasion '06" group to get the group rate of $45.95 - single/$55.95 - double plus taxes.

She said she only has one reservation for Wednesday May 24th. She has already requested police patrols for that evening. In an earlier post I said Wednesday, May 25th. If you made a reservation for May 25th, please change it to the 24th.

The hotel in Chattanooga we'll be using is:
Ramada Inn Lookout Mountain West
30 Birmingham Hwy
Chattanooga TN 37419
Its 100 yards off 1-24
Group Rate is $52.99/single (king size bed), $57/double (2 double beds) includes free hot breakfast and they have an heated indoor pool

When you make reservations for either (both) hotels, You MUST tell them you are a part of the "Invasion '06" group to get the group rate.

Please reply in this thread if you're staying @ either hotel so I can give the GMs a more accurate count for rooms.

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*** We need to set up times and locations for folks to join up along the way. The obvious places in Chattanooga and Louisville are @ the hotels before we leave each morning. People can also join us @ the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. We're also making a stop @ the JD Distillery in Lynchburg, TN and a lunch stop in Murfreesboro, TN (don't know where - any ideas?). Do we also want to plan a stop in Nashville or ??? I am open to suggestions.

Gotta get this hammered out now - only 13 days left!!!

Thanks all,


Jake said he reserved our room for Louisville.
So far only a couple have posted up that they are going and need hotel rooms in Louisville or Chattanooga.
PLEASE post up today if you are going and whether you're staying in either hotel. Thanks, Jim
You can pm me for my cell # if you want it.
I've got 1 more person from LS2 coming and has reserved a room.
Here's a hammered out itinerary. If you see a mistake or something that won't work, please let me know.

* May 24 (Wed) - Chicago to Louisville will be on I65. I'm going to leave the Chicago to Louisville leg up to Brian (Gettinthere).

* May 25 (Thurs) - Meet @ the hotel in Louisville @ 7:45 am to leave @ 8:00 for BG and the Corvette Museum. Visit the museum and eat lunch in BG. Leave there @ 12:00 for Lynchburg, TN (via Murfreesboro - lunch stop in Murfreesboro) and the Jack Daniels Distillery.

* Nashville to Lynchburg I55E (Briley Parkway) to I40/I24E. I24E to US231S, then merge onto TN 10/82S to TN55.

* Leave JD Distillery @ 5:00 for Chattanooga (about a 1 1/2 - 2 hour drive). TN 55 to I24E towards Chattanooga.

* May 26 (Fri) - Meet @ the hotel in Chattanooga @ 9:15 and leave @ 9:30 for Atlanta. Or see some sites in Chat, but it would need to be a general consensus to stay in Chat for a few hours and arrive in Atlanta a little later in the afternoon so we can roll in with as many F-bodies as we can!

Again, pm me if you want my cell phone #. Jim
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PLEASE post up if you're joining us anywhere along the route. Trying to get a final count.


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