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What are your thoughts on the independant rear suspension for the new Camaro?
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I think its overdue and as long as it is 1) sufficiently strong and 2) not much more expensive, it is a good idea.

If it drives the price too far above Mustangs then the car is doomed.
The way I see it for a normal consumer it's a great thing. Better ride quality at not much more $$. But from a racers standpoint, give me a solid axle any day.
it'll be good for those auto-x'rs too. i like the solid axle though.
I'm sure the auto-x'rs will love it.
I think its a great idea, and like chris said long overdue.
I think it's great for Camaro.
The ride quality from IRS will give Camaro a leg up on Mustang I would say.

Us drag racers might beef about it a little, but we'll get over it. :)

Besides, when done right, IRS is fine for the 1320 too.
I would like to see a solid axle option for the car available. I don't mind the IRS, but they have to do better than the CTS-v IRS b/c that thing is like driving w/ a glass rear end.
Not looking forward to it....give us a strong 12 bolt from factory and sales would be better IMO.
I say solid rear axle all the way. Keep the cost down and the strength up ;)
Besides, the solid rear axle doesn't seem to be hurting the mustang's sales any.
The only issue with a solid axle is that the chassis is engineered to accept IRS only.
Building a solid axle for it would actually INCREASE the cost.

I see the aftermarket handling that one really.
As far as an IRS goes, I personally hope it has one. I've lived with live axles pretty much ever since I've been driving in the early 80s, I now have an IRS in my 04 GTO - and I say give me an IRS over a live axle any day. If you've lived with an IRS for any length of time, believe me - you CAN tell a BIG difference between the two - it's almost like night and day. If you live somewhere where all the roads are glass-smooth, maybe you'd be hard pressed to tell a difference. But most roads aren't glass-smooth, and having a car corner on a bumpy road and not feel like it's gonna slide out from under you is a very refreshing change. Folks who mod their cars are gonna decry having an IRS, but I don't mod my cars and I love the sure-footedness and much better ride quality of the IRS over a live axle - so my vote is for the IRS.
Sadly I don't see an 12 bolt option. Too much woul dhave to be different from the factory to make it a worth-while desicion for Chevy.
Hard to figure which way it might go. The 10 bolt would be fine for a 6cyl but won’t last behind 400hp V8. The IRS is great but seems a little too exotic to me for the Camaro. But if the IRS does stay, you’ll basically have the GTO drivetrain under the Camaro body. Not a bad deal really. I hope they keep the weight closer to 3400lbs rather than the 3700lb GTO. I’m sure the aftermarket or racing community will figure out how to put a solid axle back under it before long.
That would be a nice feature to have. Would it really be necassary in the V6?(to keep costs down)
I look forward to it. I think it would be a welocmed change.
I say both have their good points and bad which depends on what the car is most used for. One drawback is you lose more HP going to the wheels with IRS other than that I think it can be set up to run well in the 1320
Unfortunately, enthusiasts are in the minority. The IRS appeals to more people.

I prefer IRS, though. By a large margin.
Doric said:
Unfortunately, enthusiasts are in the minority. The IRS appeals to more people.
That's the truth. I never expected Chevy to "cater" to us anyways. We only make up a very small percentage of all buyers.
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