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Or has anybody modified their 5th G.
so it has no back seat? So far, after many searches here and other forums, I didn't find any posts.

I know, I know, the drag strip guys do it, but I want to know about converting it into something that looks factory, sorta like a Corvette.

Right now I have my rear seats out due to modifications in which the rear deck panel had to be removed which require the rear seat to be removed. So this got me to thinking, hey, nobody ever sits back here, so why have it?

I have a very accurate shipping scale and could post the exact weight of them, that has been done already I know.

I have seen one youtube of a guy that made a custom panel to house about 8 subwoofers. That is the only one I saw, I might want a subwoofer some day but am for now just thinking about making a panel to fit over the seat bench area and than using same type of carpet to cover it so it looks stock.

If I make a panel, or put the back seat back it, I'd add some sound deadening stuff cause as it is, I can clearly hear the fuel splashing around.

So, anybody out there done it and I just missed it or is there a kit for this? I bet the aftermarket dudes are going to start doing them if not already. I am quite capable of making one myself as I have an overarm table pin-router. But I always look around at what others have done for ideas so I don't end up having to do it over again. I'd appreciate any links or pics please, evan of those done by the drag racers.
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