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Junkman's F.A.Q's (Frequently Asked Questions) - The Videos

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Hey boys and girls, I am starting this thread to address all of the common questions that I get on what seems like a daily basis. This thread will contain a ton of information, and this first post will continue to grow as I continually add videos and write-up on things that I often get asked. Thus, you want to subscribe to it as the addition of information will grow as quick as I can knock out the videos and write-ups.

That's the theme of this thread so here we go!

How to Perfect "Moving" the PC-7424XP and the Flex 3401VRG at the Proper Tempo​

Okay boys and girls, this video series is a first, and unlike anything that you will see anywhere else on the web. This video series concentrates on my technique of working both polishers, with the sole concentration being on how fast I move them across the paint. Again, this is strictly my technique as I do it when using any of these polishers to work on paint. Other folks may do it differently and that is fine but this is the way I do it.

So if you are using the PC and my technique which consist of:

  • 9-14lbs of pressure including the weight of the polisher
  • Speed setting of 5
  • 3 pea-sized drops of polish. With the Flex, I use a thin bead of polish that circles the pad. The Flex requires more polish than the PC.

These videos will address how fast you should move the polisher. The way that I figured out how to get this across will probably crack you up but hey, we will all be on the same page if you are using my technique. Once you get through the videos, you will probably want to download this file so that you can get your practice on. :thumbsup:

Here are the videos!

I have quite a few video answered questions to add to this thread so subscribe yourself if you want to be kept up to date on my additions. :thumbsup:

Junkman's 2-Bucket Wash Technique​

Well folks, this long awaited video series is finally up and running! In these videos, I talk about and show my method of a 2-bucket wash. From start to finish, I cover every step in how to wash a car without creating damage to the paint. Every step in this process is critical to the preservation of your paint and as most of you know, I have the paint to show for it. For those who don't know, I'll provide the pictorial proof.

So sit back, watch and enjoy. This video series, like all the other ones that I have done is not absent of my usual screw ups. What can I say, it's another "brutha' in his garage production!"

How to Properly & Safely Remove Dust from Your Camaro​

Okay boys and girls, The Junkman is back with another video series. This time I cover the proper technique of using a waterless wash product on your paint without damaging the paint. A lot of people experience scratches when using waterless wash products (even detail spray), because they use it at a inappropriate time. Adam's Waterless Wash is an outstanding product and will yield exceptional results when used at a time that it was designed for. However, if you use it at a time when your car should be 2-bucket washed instead, you could end up being your paint's worst enemy. It is not the product that is at fault, it is your technique.

There are 2 types of dirt that will end up on your car: dust and everything else (everything else as in mud, film, a herd of bird droppings, etc...). Waterless Wash is made for dust. Things like finger prints or something else that has just landed on your paint (like that special sauce from a Big Mac), can also be removed with Waterless Wash. If a major area of the car is covered with anything else, you need to wash it, especially a car covered with a dirt film (which is what you find covering the car after driving it in the rain). A caked on spot of something like bird droppings can be removed using Waterless Wash but you have to soak the spot real good and make sure that the substance is fully diluted enough to remove. Rubbing on it too soon will do nothing but scratch the paint.

Common sense is the key here. I can't list all the situations that Waterless Wash can be used for but after watching these videos, you will have a good idea. With that said, on to the videos!

The Videos!​

Junkman's Alternative to 2-Bucket Washing​

The title says it all. This is how I wash my car when I don't have time to wash it properly.

How to Dry Your Car Without Touching It​

A more detailed video will follow this, but here's a teaser.

Light Scratch Removal - Using a Proper Wet Sanding Technique​

The title says it all. This video will show you the proper way to remove a light scratch from your paint without the use of touch-up paint.

Buffing on the Side of Your Car​

It's really no different than buffing on any other part of the car with a few slight adjustments.

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Sweet !
OMG...... LMAO..... "oh my, you my man/Junkman are so funny & a pleasure to watch !"
I got such a kick off your vids :thumbsup:
Oh, I can't wait... I need $.. as soon as I get the chance, I'll try yo method of madness :D
You are the man, Junkman ! :)
"I recommend every one to subscribe to this thread !" :thumbsup:
Thank you Junkman !
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I hope your wife understands why you are crackin' up at the computer! I've got more wives mad at me for keeping their husbands away from their "honey do" chores!
Yea, she, laughed at me when I was laughing because I was also crying,
because I was LMAO, specially when you went "Bam !" & showed your polish's :p
My to do chores, never end :lol: & she's happy if I'm happy :thumbsup:

Thx for the winter update Junkman :thumbsup:

Luv this thread :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Updated the original post with 2 new videos!
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Update... Pure awesome-ness :D N' :thumbsup:

Always a supporter to a great man/common sense :D

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