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Whether you just bought a new car and want to protect its flooring or the floor mats in your current vehicle are wearing out and need to be replaced, the new custom-fit floor mats by Rixxu would be your best choice! Rixxu designed these floor mats to fit anyone's needs and budget. They come in three main lines: Select series, Choice series, and Prime series.

Each mat is specifically manufactured to fit the year, make, and model of your vehicle, which means that every bump, curve, and contour is accounted for resulting in a perfect fit. One of the best features of carpet car mats is the ability to customize the look of your mat and Rixxu products are no exception. They can be personalized with custom logos, monogramming, and personal messages.

Watch the new video review from our tech expert Greg to find out more about the new Rixxu Floor Mats!

Rixxu™ - Select Series Floor Mats

Rixxu™ - Choice Series Floor Mats

Rixxu™ - Prime Series Floor Mats

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