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Here's a little nugget for those starving for Camaro lots of other Non-camaro nuggets.


New GM project targets U.S. cities
'Arlington' initiative calls for taking message to markets untainted by negative news coverage.

David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau

During the interview Wednesday with The Detroit News, LaNeve touched on a number of topics:
-Rising gas prices have significantly impacted SUV sales.GM's Live Green Go Yellow Web site has received more than 5 million hits, helping the company combat the perception that it doesn't build enough fuel efficient vehicles.

-GM wants to build and "fast-track" the new Camaro -- a concept sports car that's received lots of positive press coverage. "Based on the reaction to it, it'd be a great product for us not only for volume but from an image standpoint," LaNeve said. "A car like that done and priced right is a 100,000-unit vehicle." No final decision has been made on putting the Camaro into production.

-GM is committed to building more flexible-fuel vehicles -- 400,000 are planned this year -- which can run on E85 -- a fuel made of 85 percent ethanol -- and will continue to add new models. "We think we'll be over 50 percent by end of the decade," LaNeve said.
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