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Learning The Hard Way: Toyota scrambles to get the kinks out of Tundra's launch

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NEW YORK -- Three months into the launch of its redesigned Tundra, Toyota is scrambling to revamp its model mix and make a series of other fixes on the run.

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With baseball in full swing (pending weather) all I got to say to this is:

welcome to the show, kid

:gr_patriot::gr_patriot: :gr_patriot: :gr_patriot: :gr_patriot: :gr_patriot: :gr_patriot: :gr_patriot: :gr_patriot:
Yea well if they are in this ballgame I hope they have a sub par team..
as in they suck!
They are taking away everything that is American and putting a toyota badge on it. The last American thing. a Pick Up truck is one thing we cannot give the market to them too.
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