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Thought I would post this incase any of you have read this yet:

Fbodfather said:
I will not get into a discussion about alleged dates -- frankly, there are so many falsehoods and half-truths about the Camaro that it's hard for ME to keep track!.....(and no, I can't tell you everything you want to know about the car -- altho I wish I could!........)

We have, all along, said that we will go into production in the last quarter of 2008 -- and cars will be in dealerships in the first quarter of 2009.

That has not changed.

I will not tell you when the first car comes off the line at this point in time, nor will I tell you when regular production starts.....for two reasons:

>it's confidential (and I like my job......and won't lose it because someone demands to know info. that is confidential....)

>it could change - and that could include it moving up or back --

Now -- I understand the passion behind the Camaro.

When people get mad and post stuff on this and other sites that could be misconstrued as mean spirited or angry, I suspect that 99% of the time, it's the passion glowing thru the words -- and that's a good thing -- altho I will continue to ask people to remain civil and polite. There's no need for name calling and ill will.........

I ask you to consider this: Knowing our financial position over the past couple of years -- wouldn't we all agree that it would be in GM's best interests if we could be building the Camaro today?

Of course it would certainly help the bottom line -- ..BUT........

The Camaro is going to be built off of a brand new architecture. We are not using a years-old architecture as some of our competitors are going to do.

That means it will take time to design/engineer/build you a QUALITY product. NONE of us (that's you and me) want a Camaro that doesn't have world class quality. It takes time to get it right -- ESP. with a car that will carry such an important nameplate: The Camaro.

The Camaro program was approved in August of 2006 -- and many of our employees were deployed to Melbourne, Australia to commence working on this exciting car. If we start to build cars in the fourth quarter of 2008 -- that will be 26 months according to my abacus! The original Camaro (launched in September 1966) took longer to bring to market -- and let's face it -- it was easier to design and build cars back then...........

So......we're moving forward at a fast pace to bring you a new Camaro. Yes -- we (that's you and me) would like to have the cars in our driveways NOW -- but please have patience -- it will be well worth the wait in my humble opinion.

I will also caution you that we will not have one Camaro in dealerships for everyone that wants one right's simply impossible to have that number of cars available for the pent-up demand that we anticipate.

We will start building them slowly so that the first cars are just as good as the ones two years later.......there's simply no way to start building a new car (even in an existing plant) at regular line-speed and hope to have the cars show great quality........

Will we lose some customers to other manufacturers? Undoubtedly -- and we don't like it -- but it's simply a fact of life. We DO hope they'll be back.

Will you be able to buy a new Camaro for $200 over invoice? No -- of course not -- unless the car completely flops and we have no intention of allowing that to happen -- and frankly, with the buzz it's created, I don't see that happening..........

Now -- I hope I've given all of you some perspective.......

It WILL be worth the wait ..........

Feel free to share!
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