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Hello, fellow enthusiasts. My name is Mike, and I plan on being the first across “The Mother Road” in a brand new ’09 Camaro.:cool: Hopefully with the long awaited LS3 growling under the hood. :D

My passions, like yours, are cars and driving them. Specifically, the Chevrolet Camaro. I bought my first at 16, a ’92 RS, and today I am a proud owner of my “Texas Tea” 1967 Camaro SS. Full details in the “What’s your ride” post. In between those years I have bought and sold more Camaros’ than my local Chevy dealer. :lol:

I just crossed the “Mother Road” (Rt. 66 for anybody who hasn’t seen Cars,) a few weeks back in my ’67 and got a lot of feedback on my journey about the '09 Concept. Needless to say, driving the new '09 SS across this beloved country, and letting its people know its’ American Heritage is still strong and thriving, well, you get the picture. My plans are to take as many of us as I can get, and to show this country that the CAMARO IS BACK! I will keep you all posted about "The Ride with Pride" in a new thread. Peace!

P.S. A little trivia. :BangHead: (I love this stuff) Every engine in every Camaro ever built by GM was of pushrod-actuated valve design. There's never been an overhead cam engine in a factory Camaro.
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