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LFX External Dimensions

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Hi all,

I'm looking at potentially using an LFX for a swap, but I can't find the external dimensions for the engine to verify whether or not it will physically fit. Do any of you happen to have them? If so, I'd really appreciate the info.

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What are looking at putting it in? LLT & LFX have same dimensions.

26" wide at top widest (oil filter housing sticks out drivers side), 26" height with oil pan and intake manifold. and 26" long with crank dampner.
Oh, wow, that's a lot different then what I had found here: Camaro/Cadillac LFX engine............ (Page 3) : MG Engine Swaps Forum : MG Experience Forums : The MG Experience

First Gen Suby. If it's 26" long though, it's way too long.
I just measured one sitting on an engine stand here to come up with those dimensions. The LS engines are swapped into Miata's, Z3's, etc. and these are shorter for sure.

Cool forum!
71cm tall 55.5cm wide 53 cm from the back of the valve cover to the front, piping would be an additional 6cm, from the back of the flywheel to the harmonic balancer is 49cm and if using Camaro intake length is 63.5cm convert that to inches
1 - 5 of 5 Posts