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This car was a bone stock automatic and the customer brought it in for our undetectable ECM/TCM tune. The before and after HP numbers were very similar to the last automatic car we had in the shop, but the torque was very low. 3 baseline pulls were made and the torque numbers varied minimally.

The baseline numbers were 323 RWHP / 312 RWTQ, the tuned numbers were 339 RWHP / 360 RWTQ. Similar to our proven G8 tunes, it did pick up power, but our transmission calibration with reduced torque management and improved shift points make it feel like a whole different car!

Peak gains were +16 RWHP, + 48 RWTQ (typical RWTQ gains are +15-20) If you notice around 4,400 rpms, however there were huge gains in power and torque.

Click Here for the Video

If you are not local to us, we also offer our own X-Treme Cal Tuning Interface for the 2010 Camaro.

Very popular with G8 owners, the X-Treme Cal Interface allows us to achieve results equivalent to dyno tuning for simple bolt-on's, aftermarket power adder or full bolt-on vehicles that normally require custom tuning at a dyno facility. This interface is a single VIN unit with the ability to data log. The interface is yours to keep, so we can send you updates to our tune files as they become available or update your tune if you do further modifications (within reason).

The X-Treme Cal Interface reads out your factory PCM program, which you can save should you ever need to return your vehicle to the stock PCM program. Restoring your vehicle to the stock PCM program is quick and easy.

The software is included, so all you will need is a laptop of your own.


X-Treme Cal Interface
X-Treme Cal Software
USB Interface to Laptop Cord
OBD-2 Interface to Vehicle Cord

Price for the interface and a full tune is $600.00.

For an additional $50.00, we can also make the tune undetectable to the dealership.

We had a customer on another site that wasn't happy with his existing dyno tune from another shop. He purchased our device and uploaded the files we sent and put the car back on the same dyno and saw gains of 11 RWHP / 10 RWTQ. In addition, our TCM transmission calibration will make the A6 equipped vehicles feel like a totally different car.

It can be found online HERE

Please PM or call 313-561-5500 ex. 2123 to set-up an appointment or wityh any questions you may have.

Thank you


Rick LeBlanc
Livernois Motorsports
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