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In May 2009, we had a customer interested in putting an LS7 crate engine into his brand new 2010 Camaro. Until this point, I wasn't able to say anything publicly, because Hot Rod Magazine shot the story.

The car was baselined on our chassis dynamometer, then the LS3 was removed to make room for the LS7.

Once the engine arrived here, it was baselined on our engine dynamometer. The customer didn't want the dry-sump system from a Z06, so before the engine was installed, we converted it to wet-sump then put it back on the engine dynamometer. This transformation can be seen here in the March 2010 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

After dyno testing with only the wet-sump conversion, we then installed our stage 1 LS7 camshaft and dual valve spring package before installing the engine into the car. This combination was also tested on the engine dynamometer. After the engine was installed into the car, it was put back on the chassis dynamometer and tested with the factory airbox, factory exhaust manifolds and catback. After this we then installed Kooks Longtube Headers and ran it again.

This story can be seen here in the April 2010 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

Thank you


Rick LeBlanc
Livernois Motorsports
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