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Today, we finished a 2008 Z06 that previously had our stage 2 Cam package.

This package consists of:

Livernois Motorsports Stage 2 Camshaft
Kooks Headers
Kooks X-Pipe
Factory Catback w/ Mild to Wild Controller
Halltech CAI
Livernois Motorsports Dyno Tune

With this package, it made 530 RWHP/ 485 RWHP

On M/T Radials, it went a 1.597 60' and a best ET of [email protected] mph

The customer wanted to do some upgrades and we have been doing some engine dyno work with an LS7 and been pleased with the results.

We made the following changes:

Livernois Motorsports CNC LS7 Cylinder Heads
Livernois Motorsports Stage 3 LS7 Camshaft
FAST 102mm Intake Manifold.

The car made 615 RWHP with the factory manifold in place and 630 RWHP / 555 RWTQ with the FAST.

The dyno sheet below shows the stock baseline vs. the stage 2 cam package vs. the stage 3 head/cam package

Here's is a video of it idling and on the dyno

Stage 3 Z06 Package Video

Thank you


Rick LeBlanc
Livernois Motorsports

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UPDATE - Last night in Orlando, the car went 9.95 @ 139.18 MPH!!! :lol:

Trying to get a better slip... this is all I could get so far (hard to make out though)

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