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As of late, you would think our G8 GXP shop car was a scolded child as it has been sitting in the corner for nearly a year. We've been working on an affordable LS3 "Mini" stroker and decided what better to test it in that the G8. This will also work in 5th Gen Camaro's. The shortblock can be found here

Previous modifications included Livernois Motorsports Stage 1C Camshaft & Dual Valve Spring Kit, Kooks 1 7/8" Mid Length Headers w/ Cats, Corsa Exhaust, Rotofab CAI, and Livernois Motorsports Dyno Tune.

We baselined the vehicle before removing the stock engine and it laid down 445 RWHP / 419 RWTQ.

We the removed the engine, then removed the OEM Heads and 1C camshaft for accurate back-to-back testing. The LS3 "Mini" Stroker was installed and put back on the dyno Wednesday, October 5th at 11 pm. The results were excellent; 473 RWHP / 460 RWTQ. The car was unstrapped and I got in the car to head to the LSX shootout in Indianapolis. With extremely light traffic at that time, I made sure to break it it right . We arrived in Indy at 5 am and displayed the car in our booth along with other shop and customer vehicles. Everyone at the show was surprised at the way the car sounded. With the 1C camshaft, it sounds like a stock G8 with exhaust.

Next, we will install a camshaft that will be a new addition to our popular line of custom L92 camshafts followed by a set of our CNC LS3 cylinder heads. These should easily break the 500 RWHP mark.

Here are some photos and videos from earlier today

Thanks for looking!


Rick LeBlanc
Livernois Motorsports
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