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Holy, Glen Close Batman! You have a problem! :)

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A few years back I came across a 67 camaro in 1 1/18th scale, thought gee that's pretty nice and bought it.
At the time I thought a smallish collection of f bodies
would be cool.

Today my "smallish collection" has grown from that single car on my dresser, through the guest bedroom;
and has pretty much taken over my office. :rotflmao:

Last week I bought 15 more feet of glass shelving just to keep up.

At last count I had 163 1 1/18ths, 50 some 1 1/24ths,
a bunch of 1/43rds, and 400-450 1/64ths; a bunch of war birds, the complete set of 1/6th motors and 1 1/18th and 1 1/24th scale figures, tools and stuff.

The kids think the "smallish collection" is great.
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