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Hey. I'm looking for a restorable 69 ss convertible that my grandfather and I can rebuild. Anyone know were I might be able to find one in decent shape?
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Define affordable.
Well i don't have a specific price in mind it just depends on what shape the car is in.
You can get a 100% new shell for $12K or something.

Ooops. Found them. $13.5

It's kind of a give take thing. Could you find a shell cheaper? MAYBE, but you'll spend more for the shell and bodywork than you'd pay for one of these.
Welcome :D

I'd search the classifieds at Team Camaro or CRG to start.
Might want to pickup a Hemming Motor news as well - all great resources for the first gen cars.
You know I was thinking of doing the same but then I saw the new Camaro drop top and decided against it....but good luck and don't forget to post some pics when its done!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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