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I have a 2011 SS/RS Camaro with an LS3 manual transmission. Everything is stock, except I took off the resonators and replaced with a pipe kit. Bought it new. I have 191,000 miles. LOVE MY CAR! On the trunk, I added letters before the SS, so it reads BAD ASS. The only major work I have had done, was the valve springs. I was told that they go when you rev your engine a lot? If true, I'm guilty, because I don't use my horn, I rev my engine at people instead.

Seriously, I don't know what to do. Engine light had gone on and car was running rough. My mechanic couldn't take my car at the time, but had me stop by to read code(s) and see if okay to drive until he could look at. Drove the car for 5 days before bringing in and light never went on again and car running okay. May be a little rough. Only because I know my car.

Here are his notes on my invoice:
Tech note code for #1 cylinder injector circuit, but is not able to duplicate code setting conditions. Note consistent misfire on cylinder #2 and tech swapped injector, plug, wire, coil, etc. with adjacent cylinders. #2 misfire still present. Tech note compression on #2 cylinder at 130psiand 150psi on #1 cylinder.
#2 cylinder has low compression based on allotted variation tolerances and may need engine replaced due to current odometer reading. No suggestions for this repair at this time.
Replaced #1 injector and broken PCV breather tube only at this time. (fuel trims are 16% and go close to zero when hose is bypassed)

From, what I know, compression loss is one of three things and I ruled out head gasket. So, it is either the valve seats or pistons and leaning more towards the valve seats. Either way, is it worth rebuilding the engine? Or getting a new one? I kinda like the idea of keeping the engine for matching vin #'s. Or ;last option buy a new camaro!

I appreciate any feedback.
Merilynn - Broken Hearted in CA
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