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54 corners?:eek:


........G8 is Zeta and the 5th Gen Camaro is Zeta II.:lookandleave:
Wow, 54 corners would take a lot of shocks!LOL

I am really excited to get a Camaro. I love the looks, and the base suspension is pretty good. You will, however, be very surprised to know the differences between ZETA and ZETA II

The differences are as follows:
1. larger front radius rod and bushes
2. Different front knuckles,
3. Shorter struts
4. Springs

Every bushing Pedders has for the G8, with the exception of the front radius rod bushing, are all the same. The Camaro suspension will work very well. The ZETA design, especially the rear, is quite exceptional.

For those that want some real performance handling it be equal/surpass to a BMW M5, we have such a system. At Pedders, there has been extensive R&D ad there are a number of areas that we can make serious improvements on, without compromising ride quality, There have been lots of GM Chasis engineers that have done extensive inspections and testing on Pete Basica's G8. The legacy philosphies of very soft bushings, have been dismantled in their eyes, or should I say the seat of their pants. Pete's G8 is the best handling G8 in the world. And soon will be improved even more with our newest generation coil over that I cannot yet discuss, has made us ready for the Camaro. We will have multiple systems, from basic performance springs, to complete systems that are suitable for track use, yet still be civil enough for daily drivers. I know that this sounds "different" to have a trackable car, yet still have comfort and a quiet ride.

We will have lots of options to meet everyone's needs. We have strut tower braces and adjustable sway bars.

So all is well in the Camaro/Pedders relationship. GM Racing did some very serious testing on our products and now we are a preferred vendor for GM Racing. This should speak volumes to everyone.

thanks again for the heads up on the 54 corners. My fingers are too big for my keyboard!!

If anyone has questions about the ZETA platform, what specific cheap enhancements can be made, to full out trackable suspension systems, just ask

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