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Magnuson TVS 2300 Only Days Away at Haddad Motorsports

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Hello Everyone,

This is just a heads up that our first batch of the new Magnacharger TVS 2300 Superchargers for your 5th Generation Camaro is scheduled to show up next week.

As you may already know Haddad Motorsports worked closely with magnuson on the development of the TVS for the G8. For 20k Miles we now have lived with the TVS and it has been an absolute treat. At the drag strip it develops power early and propels the big sled through the quarter mile like a rocket ship. In the canyons and on the road course the TVS delivers power predictably and consistently.

With this system a daily driver with well over 500rwhp is easily attainable. We really cant say enough good things about it and we know anyone that ends up with one of these will be happy with its performance.

We spoke with Magnacharger today and they tell us that our kits are about a week away. Soon these will be in stock ready to ship. Please call us for pricing.

Thank You
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