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MAILBAG: Readers give reactions on Camaro

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as posted in the Detroit Free Press

May 18, 2006

Readers flooded me with letters reacting to my article on my drive of the Chevrolet Camaro concept Monday at the Milford Proving Grounds. GM is likely to build the car in 2009.

Almost everyone likes the looks of the Camaro, the top draw at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.

Some readers said GM can't build the Camaro fast enough. Others said GM needs to look forward, not backward, if it is to build fuel-efficient vehicles that compete with the Japanese automakers.

By Mark Phelan

Loaded with style

The car is absolutely awesome and has the style GM production cars have been lacking. However, if GM can't find a way to build the V8 option under $32,000, I would be disappointed.

Joel Ypma
Grand Rapids

Bring back Firebird, too

I think you should have mentioned more the expectation (and hope) of many GM fans that if the Camaro is built GM will also bring back the Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am. I hope GM builds the Camaro but it would be ridiculous for GM to do so without also bringing back the Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am.

Michael J. Thomas
Albuquerque, N.M.

Seek gas alternatives

It is really hard to believe that you could be so excited about a vehicle whose dependence on oil is so obvious in these days when the No. 1 concern should be alternative fuels. Detroit can build hybrids.

Detroit can even re-tool to start building more vehicles for public transportation -- buses, rail cars, shuttles, electric driven delivery vehicles, etc. Isn't it time?

Mary Rose Weckerle

Fuel efficiency

Unless they can make the new Camaro get 30-plus m.p.g., it won't last any longer than the GTO, T-Bird or other retro-look cars that have come out recently. GM needs to focus its limited resources the way Honda and Toyota have -- on the small, light and fuel-efficient.

Dennis J. Holt
Ann Arbor

Members of the West Michigan Camaro Club were invited to give their opinions on the new Camaro.

All liked the new Camaro and many are eager to see the revival of the '60s muscle car battles between the Camaro and Ford Mustang owners.

Long live the Camaro

The Camaro will be around a long time to come, and the Mustang has nowhere to go.

Dennis J. Mykols
Spring Lake

Likes it all

I have to give this to GM, they did a great job on bringing this Camaro back.

It is sexy fast. I cannot think of one thing I don't like on it.

Tammy Loudon

Future and past

It is a fantastic-looking car that looks to the future while remembering its past; whereas the Mustang is a weak recreation of the past. The new Challenger is impressive, too, but that car is an updated version of an old classic.

Dave Wilkins

Capturing the essence

GM Design did a wonderful job capturing the essence of the Camaro, without going too retro (like the Mustang and Challenger). The Camaro makes you think of the first-generation Camaro, but is still a fresh and modern design.

Doug Warren
Western Michigan Camaro Club, Wyoming
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2009 are these people nuts they need this car now! I would sign a contract today if I could get on in lets say six months to a year:)
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