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March Member/Car Of the Month 2014: Blue10CamaroSS

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Congratulations Blue10CamaroSS! You are the March Member/Car of the Month here at

Well at first I was quite surprised when I saw my name up for nomination. I've been on a few other forums where they hold these monthly winners and never have won before so this is pretty cool. Now I have to go and change up my signature like all the other winners. Thanks a lot guys!!!

We all want to know a little more about you and your Camaro so I have a few questions for you...
Will you share with us what began your love for cars and/or the Camaro specifically?

Well, I never really had a love for the Camaro. I've always been a Corvette guy. But I've always had that need for speed and until I owed the Corvette, I was always driving around in the little 4 banger Fords. I can't remember how many Ford transmissions I went through.

Please share with us the story behind your 5th Gen Camaro?

Well, as previously stated, I've always been a need for speed kind of guy. So here is a little lengthy back story, but I was hell bent on wanting a head turning, eye popping fast mother of a car. So 1997 comes around, I graduate high school and what comes out to market. The C5 Corvette. So I was hell bent on wanting to get one. I kept telling all of my friends that I was going to get one and they gave me the "yeah ok" BS. Speed up time to when I'm 25 and I find online, a used 1998 Corvette for under $20K. So I jumped on it. Need for speed rush has been cured!!! Well, 2 years later someone wanted to buy the Corvette and offered me in cash, what I had paid for it, 2 years earlier. Can't pass up that offer. So 2008 rolls around, and after my daily driver truck caused me problems, I got a Chevy Colorado, and joined a truck forum where I learned all about modding vehicles. Aside from basic stereo installs, I never really made modifications to my vehicles. So after I get this truck, my friend invites me over to watch the movie Transformers and that's where I saw it for the first time!!! The new Camaro. I knew I had to have one. But of course at that time, they weren't out yet. Push forward to end of 2009 and the Camaros go into production. Then the dealers all wanted $5K over sticker and well, I never pay premiums for any car because that's jsut dumb. So I waited till I could find one I like. Fast forward to August 2011 and I'm searching when I see it. 2010 Camaro 2SS/RS, IBM, automatic, white stripes and knew I had to have it. Even a year old and only 12K miles on it, wasn't a bad deal, especially since after running the options, the value of the car was $39,800 and the dealer who had it wanted $32,000. Turns out it was 2 hours away in PA (and I'm here in little old NJ), but it was 10 minutes from my sister. Funny thing is, one of my buddies from the truck forum I was on, lives 5 minutes from my sister. So when I posted up about the new car I was going to get and where I was getting it, he felt the need to show me something. In between the time I put the deposit down and got the loan approval, my buddy decides to stop by the dealer, and have this wonderful picture taken:

Then of course I buy the car, the modding began and then here we are today.

How did you discover and what has kept you here?

I'm always checking out different forums on the basis of whatever car I'm driving. I'm part of the other Camaro site as well, but the problem there is, there is TOO MUCH activity and you never can keep up with what is going on. I think I wore out the search button and add subscription button over there because that's how you keep up with the information you want to keep track of. So I did some searching for other Camaro forums and came across this one. What I like about this one is, that it closely resembles the bar Cheers. Small little friendly community where everybody knows who is who. Plus having access to this one at work is also a bonus where the other site is blocked

And finally, do you have anything you'd like to add to the members or anyone else reading this interview?

Big thanks to the guys who nominated me and of course all of you who voted for me. Remember, when it comes to these voting contests, bribery is EVERYTHING!!! Just kidding. Even though it's always nice to win these contests, just remember, you don't always have to be voted in to be a winner. Just being part of a nice community like this, makes everyone a winner.
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Congrats and welcome to the club cool write up also :thumbsup:
Congrats and welcome to the club! And I'm waiting on my bottle of Crown Royal....(Bribe for voting for you)! :D
Congrats ! I'll take a bottle of Weller 107....:lol:
Congrats and welcome to the club! I'll take a 12 pack of Coors Light, thanks! Lol! Nice write-up. And yea man, I always wanted a Corvette also. I also want a Viper. My next car will be one of those two...either a used Viper or a New Vette. Anyway, glad you're here with us at Modern Camaro!!
Congrats to you ... great write-up, especially the paragraph on MC. Love your contributions ... ah, um, you mean I was supposed to change my signature block?
Congrats and sweet looking Camaro. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
:5go: Nice wright up.. :danceb::yay: Congrats bro :yay::danceb:

Congrats!!!!!!!! Now.....update that signature and welcome to the club!!!!!
Thanks guys and gals!!!
oh.. um, ooooooooooooooooooops..:lol::facepalm::lol: Another :cool: member to add to our club :5go:

Congrats, love the color. Form the place "where everybody knows your name" Cheers mate.
Congrats! Love what your buddy did lol!:lol:
Great looking car. One of my favorite colors. Congrats & good luck with it!
Congrats! Sweet beauty. that you have there!:thumbsup:
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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