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Picked these up for my 4.3l GMC syclone. I thought that being they are a 305/350 setup they would have worked. Thought the basic V design was similar- Which it is. The problem I encountered was the CRANK pulley on this set. It is spaced different and did not work. So, I spend the money and learned the hard way- I since have got the correct pulleys for my truck which costed some where around $300? I cant recall. I have $170+ wrapped up in this set.

March Performance pulley # 4000 & 4010


Alternator pulley
Alternator cover
Crank Pulley
Water pump pulley

88-92 camaro/firebird

I already offered these to 2 people I know of with camaro/firebird.

One guy is going LS!?!? Other does not drive his car enough to do this...

I drove by a camaro everyday for past 4 mons finally stopped in and offered them to guy and he said his is a 2.8l!!!!

With this being said, I am trying to sell them here. I know some one can use them and these are very nice I have pay-pal and all-

Looking to sell them for $150- Shipped. These pulleys are brand new and were only MOCKED up on my truck when I realise the CRANK would not work I aborted the project and found the correct ones for my truck.. Thanks-


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