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I love how they say that most younger buyers dont know what Dodge is.

Im in my 20s and I know a lot people in my age bracket that agree with this statement:

Dodge is a bastard brand that had to have Mitsubishi technology to bail them out on multiple occasions, then they were sold as unneeded baggage by Benz, then they were bought by a American investor group and not an automotive group such as GM or Ford. They are a one legged, one armed kid trying to stay afloat in today's CAFE headlocked market. The Challenger is an attempt to spark real interest in a broader audience because the Viper was too out of reach to the average joe.

I hate how Dodge thinks they can pull a Scion. The Scion's success is not bad, but not legendary. Scion also didnt have tarnished name to throw off buyers and with a crap load for options, customizations, and design; Toyota pulled it off. Not to mention Scion price range is below 20k not 30k. Dodge try again.

Ok, now about the SRT-4. I could prolly go for SRT-4 neon when it was out; but I like sex, two doors, and couldnt get over the fact I would still be driving a jellybean. But the Caliber version is just silly. Why dont they make a SRT-6 Caravan to finish off what respect I have left for the company in general. If they want to be serious, make a Cobalt SS fighter but this time:
-two doors
-up the quality
-dont revive the Neon name or design to do it.
-try Stealth, Daytona, or something that true to the design (dont pull another "Charger" naming mistake)

As for how Dodge will do, who knows. But everytime I see an article of Dodge trying to be "cool", I think of a scenario of Bob Saget at a rave. It doesnt compute.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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