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MARK PHELAN: Names for Lincoln cars off the mark

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I'd like a show of hands. If there's anybody out there who likes Lincoln's new system for naming its cars, speak now or forever hold your peace.
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Nope, I preferred the old way. The new way sounds like all the other manufacturers out there with all the random letters and crap.

I agree. American cars should have names.

I also don't like Cadillac's and Pontiac's naming schemas.
They both need to go back to names.
I have to say I think kids remember a car more that has a real name. Those kids grow up to buy cars. If its a nice car and stick around till there ready to buy cars then they can relate to them better.
I gave up trying to remember the foreign car names a long time ago. So many random numbers and letters. Some ricer rattles off the name to his shitmachine and I just go "...wuh?" THAT'S a name one can remember. Even though CTS/STS/DTS isn't bad. Cause they follow the same scheme..if Lincoln renamed their vehicles to MKZ/LKZ/CKZ for example, it wouldn't be that bad. But having a different bunch of random letters and numbers for each car just makes it hopeless.

I guess it does put more emphasis on the brand. My 3 year old knows my CTS as "the Cadillac" and she knows my Camaro as "the Camaro" and she knows my Silverado as "the truck".
Well I think the reason mercedes and such give their cars letters and numbers is because they don't want anyone to disassociate from the brand MERCEDES. They want every car they put on the road to be a mercedes, not anything else by giving it a name. It works for them, because when you think mercedes you think luxury...the end. People don't typically think of chevy on its own, they refer to the car and associate things with the name of the car.

When you see a Cobalt, you don't think of the same thing as if you saw a Corvette.

What I'm saying is, it could work for Lincoln.....Chevy not so much. If they're trying to put emphasis on the brand, then go for it. Seeing has how Lincoln is typically marketed towards a more mature refined audience, is it not?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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