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Aug. 28-Sept. 2, 2008

V8, automatic transmission. Black with gold stripes with black leath-er. Black cloth top. 22,310 miles, CSM#07H384. A returned rental car; looks like factory paint in all quarters except the front air dam. Some rust showing in the hood tie-down lasso; no big deal, but it got wet and started to corrode. A few chips to the hood and front bumper. Lots of scratches to the rear-bumper gold stripe. How did they get there? Just like on the Kia Rio you rented last week, that's where your luggage hit when you were taking it out of the trunk.

SOLD AT $35,640
Like Kraft and macaroni, Hertz and Shelby have a long and storied history. The first Hertz Shelby rent-a-racers (the popular name) were 1966 Shelbys; most were produced in the Hertz colors of black with gold stripes. For years, they brought less money in the marketplace than their "pedigreed" brethren without rental histories. Things turned on their ear when the Hertz cars brought more money.

When Hertz decided to retire this round of Shelby Mustangs, they contracted with Kruse to reduce the fleet. The cars have been available at Kruse sales around the country; the first folks bought theirs for $50,000. Sales seem to have hit a happy medium at about $15,000 less. Skeptics will say this is too much for an ex-rental car; optimists will see it as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a recognizable piece of American iron at a reasonable price. They're both right.
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