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I ordered a MBRP catback from Maryland Speed last Wednesday night. I got it this past Wednesday morning. So it was 1 week delivery. It said it came from Canada. So the packaging was nice and the instructions were good enough. It came with everything needed. But I do recommend getting heavy duty exhaust clamps because the ones that these aftermarket exhaust companies supply are all garbage. However they were good enough to get the exhaust bolted on. I'll swap em out for the heavy duty ones some day soon.

All the pipes looked great. Fitment was great. Removal of the stock system and cutting it with one of those blade chain plier things...the entire process took quite some time. And lining it all up and clamping it down just enough that it won't fall but not tight enough so you can't adjust it, all that took some time. Patience is key. All in all I ended the day with some cuts and bruises and tired and dehydrated, lol!! It was over 90 degrees and very humid. I did this outside my apartment complex on ramps with hand tools BTW. It took about 3-4 hours by myself. And towards the end it started to downpour and I got drenched twice, lol!! But the end result was worth it all.

It sounds really good. The initial startup had me all grins. It is loud. Not overly loud but loud enough to get some attention. Even on the inside it is loud but it won't make your ears bleed or give you a headache. Most notably is that I have not noticed any significant drone as of yet. I didn't take it out on the highway yet tho. I only drove it around town. But it does sound amazing. Oh, and no CELs with this, the Roto-Fab cai, the Katech TB, and VTC. They're all playing nicely with the ECU, lol!! Here are some pics and sound clips.

This is the stock system (for comparison)

This is the first startup!!

This is idle after a good 20 minute drive!!


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