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Hey everyone, Today I'll tell you how to make a Camaro Concept look like a real Camaro SS.

1. Buy the Camaro Concept
2. Paint it what ever color thats a real color *Mine is CGM*
3. Upgrade the motor if you please
4. Go to rim color, make the color white, then ither *Chrome* or *Brushed* (Your choice)
5. Go to Demensions,

Rim size: 20
Tire Pro.: 35
Tread width: 265 or 275 (Your choice)
Ride Height: -2

(^ Front)
(v Rear)

Rim size: 20 or 21 (Your choice)
Tire Pro.: 35
Tread width: 285
Ride Height: -1 (It will only go to -1 if you set it up right)

6. Go to Exhaust and get the "BIG ROUND Circle exhaust tips"
7. *Optional* Do your plate, mine says "CGM SS"

And you've made yourself a Camaro SS.

I made this, so....if you can post a pic post it! :thumbsup: :5go:

I also want to say sorry for my actions the other day. :eek:

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