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Hi All,

My Name is Shaun. I Am 19 years old.
I Am inpatiently waiting for the 09.
I Drive A 2000 Mustang With 75,xxx miles on it. I have never owned a Camaro but i have always wanted one. My Mom bought my mustang as a graduation present (even though i asked for a CAMARO). So i Started Saving to buy A Camaro then i found out about the '09 and decided i would use the money i saved (9,500) on a down payment. So I Just wanted to tell you even though i drive a stang. im a bowtie fan at heart.:gr_patriot: I am going to be very active while i am waiting and i hope when the camaro comes out these foroums will still be active as when i am not driving her i will enjoy talkign about her.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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