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Good afternoon, Camaro Comrades, Firebird Friends, and Corvette Cousins!

-- for some of us - it's hard to believe that another year has gone by and we're celebrating another Memorial Day weekend.....

Some of us will spend the weekend in small and large towns alike - celebrating with friends and family--

Some will spend it enjoying Auto Racing -- or perhaps a ball game.

Others will travel to the mountains for a bit of quiet time.

Still others will travel to beaches to enjoy the sun and sand.

And some may choose to spend it quietly at home.

Me? I'm delighted to be spending it with some of you in Atlanta at the 16th Annual F-Body Gathering - which is something I look forward to each year. In many respects, it's like a family reunion!

My point?

We have choices in where we want to go and in what we want and choose to do.

We can do just about anything and say anything (within Legal reason) and not have to worry about disappearing into the night by a regime that wants to control us.

It's called "Freedom" - -and that freedom did not come easily -- it did not come cheaply -- and it did not come without so very many paying such a heavy, horrible, and dear price over so many, many years......

And yet in many respects, we seem to take this freedom for granted.

We celebrate "Memorial Day" in these United States as a way of honoring the "Memory" of those who have fought for our freedom. We also celebrate those heroes who have served or who are still serving our country - again, so that we may preserve this precious freedom.

So - while I'm hoping that we (that's me and you) will thank our Veterans and our Members of the Armed Forces -- I'm also hoping you take someone else into consideration..............

We've been in a conflict for over a decade. Regardless of what your political view may be - and regardless of whether or not you agree with this conflict, the one thing I think we can all agree on is this:

We have families that have been making incredible sacrifice. Yes, families of our war Heroes have always made sacrifices - -but I think we tend to forget that we have families in this country who have seen their loved ones deployed and re-deployed a half-dozen times or more. We have young boys and girls that only see their fathers or mothers for a very short period of time before their beloved parent is re-deployed once again to serve our country. How many children have gone to bed at night - wondering where their Mommy or Daddy -- who are serving in the Armed Forces -- might be in this world this particular night - and are they OK? How many spouses pray daily that their soulmate will return home safely? How many parents agonize with worry that their son or daughter will return safely?

And so I submit to you that the families of those serving are, in many ways, heroes as well. Those of you (and it's most of you) know the constant fear of the unknown when it comes to your loved one serving. Is the next telephone call - or the next ring of the door-bell going to be ...,,,,,,unthinkable?

So - while I ask that we (that's me and you) keep those who are no longer with us in our hearts and minds - and while we thank our veterans for their service to their country - and while we continue to say a prayer for those serving our country - let's not forget the families and loved ones of those serving right now! Let's make sure we thank THEM for the sacrifices they're making daily because a son or a daughter; a father or a mother; a husband or a wife; a brother or a sister -- has chosen freely to serve our country - and to fight for freedom - not only for us as a country - but for those who are being oppressed.

Yes - they, too, are paying a price.

On behalf of the Settlemire/Henry Family - thank you -- veterans, active military - and military families - for your sacrifices and service to our country. We can never thank you enough.

...... We hope that you and yours will have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend -- and, as always - Don't forget to Buckle Up!

And from me, personally: Thanks for once again listening to my ramblings - -

Freedom is not Free.

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As long as our youth remember as they are the next generation that needs to carry on.
We shall never forget that " FREEDOM IS EXPENSIVE " just look in our National
Cemetaries, there's where the Hero's lie.

Support MC & Troops
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Very well put. As for our younger generation I'll add this. The other day my son (he's 11) and I were driving where I work, (on an AF Base) and an F-16 is taking off, "very loud" and he says. Dad thats the sound of "Freedom". I beleive he knows, as he should.
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