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Met the movie star!

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On the other side of the car from me is Scott Settlemire from General Motors, a good friend of mine.
He was brand manager of Camaro up until 2002, and was the instrumental voice in getting F-Body production to stay on through 2002.. it was supposed to die after 1998. Thus, he is known as "The F-Bodfather".
He is now Manager of Shows & Exhibits for Chevrolet and Hummer, but he is also involved in the development of the new Camaro.

Here's all the pictures I took from all the weekend's events (almost 300 pics):
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heh that concept thing looks way to much like an enlongated RX8. I'll pass. **** Octane first you drove the concept now you meet BB. Lucky SOB. :bowdown: "We're not worthy"
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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