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MightyMouse Solutions Evap System

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SO I decided that I wanted to properly evac my IPF supercharging system so I changed up the IPF evac to suit what I wanted.

All air is metered, no unmetered air is entering the system.
Line from the intake after the MAF goes to a catchcan then to the right valvecover to allow air in or out as needed, catch can is there to collect any moisure or oil that may be present.
second catch can is plumbed from the left valve cover to the suction from the intake manifold. There is a boost check valve to prevent back flow under pressure. The can has a one way vent as well to release pressure if present .
I also added for more protection a oil cap vent that will only vent pressure, no air inlet.
There is no way the engine will build positive pressure and under normal driving will be pulling fresh air through the motor like it should.
I want to thank MightyMouse Solutions for their great functioning and looking products.


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Thats great, thanks for sharing!
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