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Minnesota Ford plant may be contaminated

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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Dozens of areas at a Ford Motor Co. assembly plant in Minnesota need to be investigated for contamination and possibly cleaned up, according to a report by a consultant for the company.

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Link didn't say what it was contaminated with.
I was going to say Ford executives' BS and tiny displacement bacteria (modular engines) and that Mustang Giugiaro Concept car that clogging their $h!tters.
Good stuff!
Here ya go:

"I think everyone out there is assuming the site is highly contaminated," she said. "I don't think it will scare (developers). It will require significant resources."

The consultant's report lists several sites on the 138-acre Ford property that need to be checked. Forty are listed as likely to have been contaminated with solvents and other industrial chemicals, 34 are areas of possible contamination, and seven sites that were once excavated to remove pollution may need additional cleanup.

The sites include: a Little League baseball diamond on Cleveland Avenue that may have been used to dispose of battery casings; former sludge pits where paints and solvents were stored; and areas where storage tanks above and below ground held hazardous chemicals that may have spilled or leaked."
Heck, that isn't anything then.

The word where I work is they would never sell our property because of all the heavy metals, cyanide, hexachrome, etc.

The cost of clean up would far out weigh any profit from the liquidation of the property.
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