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ok my car was misfirering and i did a tun-up changing the plugs and wires. and the misfire went away. and now is misfiring anytime i use medium or more throttle. i have p0306 code set each time and its getting annoying.:BangHead:

and to today i noticed that i have orange spots on my rear bumper, i used the window squege to get it off but found that odd.

anyone had this problem or know what it is?

thanks for any help.
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What year car, what engine? We can't really help you unless you can give us more detail.
You have a studdering problem too!

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sounds like an air/fuel problem. sounds like it may be leaning itself out
1996 3.6 v6 with automatic.

its mostly when im as low rpm and try to pass, around 1500-2100 rpm after that is seams to go away.

also has anyone had to replace a head gasket before?
P0306 = Cylinder 6 Misfire
Might be fuel injectors, try using a fuel system cleaner.

On my 96 V6, I had similar hesitations, but never set a SES light.
However I ended up having to replace 4 injectors.
3.6? wats it in?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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