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Modify the TF3 car or not. I'm at an impass!

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I have the 2012 TF3 2SS/RS LS3 car with 2700 miles on it and I recently picked up a Kenne Bell 2.8LC supercharger, Melling HV oil pump, long tube headers with cat deletes and Sweet Thunder cat back exhaust.

So here I am with $10,000 in junk setting in my garage and my car setting next to it. I'm procrastinating the installation of anything because I have this sinking feeling that what I am about to do may be a stupid mistake on this particular car. I want the 600 RWHP, but then again I don't want to creat a car that is going to be broken all of the time. Also, I have mixed emotions on the idea of modifying one of the most rare special edition cars of the 5th gen line and possibly taking a car that could some day have collector interest and destroy it by doing this.

Would you continue forward and install the stuff, or would you sale off the stuff and just relax with the stock car? Dang it, I hate this kind of thing. I should have gotten a regular 2SS/RS in yellow and made a fake TF3 clone, then I could destroy it in any way I wish and not feel bad!
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I understand your feelings and would feel the same way. I would not do it, the car is worth so much more (not just $$) the way it is and is special. IMO.
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