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The next track rental for Lebanon Valley Dragway is Friday, June 26th 9AM to 3PM.

All Makes and Model's welcome, Bikes and Snow Mobiles too!
Space is limited to 70 cars, and spaces will fill up fast, so if you want to go get in early and save!

$85 Paid by June 12th per vehicle
$100 Paid June 13th to June 25th per vehicle

Payment Methods are as follows.
-Paypal payments should be sent to [email protected]
-Credit Card
-Cash (delivered by hand, do not send cash in the mail)
-Money Order

Delivered by hand, or Mail to either of the following addresses. Must be post marked by the 12th to get the $85 deal, If you send in $85 after that date you will owe $15 at the event prior to getting access to the track.

Bill Miller - RE: Track Rental
Mongillo Motors
34 Fulton St.
New Haven, CT. 06513
(203) 907-4443


Rob Anderson - RE: Track Rental
Expert Tire
322 East Main St
Westfield, MA

[email protected] or [email protected]
The fuel station will be open for race gas sales.
All cars must pass NHRA tech inspection.
Any questions regarding inspection may be emailed to:
[email protected]

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We may have a few cars to jump in. Thanks for posting this. We missed the last three being busy and the season is flyin by!

Hopefully they don't get lazy and prep the track right!



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i'll try to bring both cars(GTO and SRT8), however, i kinda suck at drag racing, so you can all beat up on me, lol

Not sure if she will let me drive hers, she wouldn't let me at NJMP!

Just wanted to make a bit of a clarification on a couple things.

1. 70 Car Limit, a good number of those cars are already slotted, but are not going to have many runs that day as they are 8 or 9 second cars. I would estimate that 1/3 of the cars that will be there will be in the pits most of the day, which will clear things up for everyone else that wants more runs.

2. If you have never been to a drag strip before this is your best opportunity to go. There is very little pressure at the line, take your time, we will have plenty of people there with tons of experience that can get in the car with you and help you out. There will not be that many people in the stands so the pressure isn't as bad as a night with the stands full. So if you decide to do any of the following it won't really matter a whole lot.
a, Stage the rear tires
b, Stall it on the burn out
c, forget to take off the traction control
d, forget to put it in drive after you drive to far forward
e, the list can go on....

Bottom line, if you screw up (I have many many times) it's much less stressful on a track day than on normal day at the track with a couple thousand people.

3. The food stand will be open, it's not bad, but the price is to be expected, but it's not to bad.

4. There is usually a track photographer at the track (not all the time) and he will take pics of your car at the line and post them on his site, you can choose to purchase them and have them shipped to you. They are good quality and not to expensive.

5. A Typical night at LVD will get you about 3 runs for $25, A typical weekend day at the track will get you about 6 runs. I typically get in about 20-30 runs at these track rentals.

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Just approved


If you attend the event as a spectator you are eligible for a 5% discount on all Pedders Parts
If you attend the event as a participant you are eligible for a 10% discount on all Pedders Parts.

DBA Rotors and Hawk Pads will be 10% OFF our already low sale prices (Pre Order Only, Pick Up at the Track)

Go Pro Cameras will be 15% OFF (Pre Order Only, Pick Up at the Track)

Volant Cold Air Intakes 10% Off our already low sale price (Pre Order Only, Pick Up at the Track)


Race Ramps - Group Buy

If i can get 10 orders I will offer the Race Ramps at 20% off plus shipping
Free Shipping if you order and I deliver it to the track (not on the pitstop ramp)
(Contact for info on shipping charges for this deal)

This does not cover the Pitstop Ramp, that will be 15% Off as part of this deal, and Shipping is significant.

I will start a post in the group buy area about this group buy

We need to move fast to make this happen.


If you want to commit to this just post in this thread, do not buy them on the site yet.

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Here is the basic list so far.

07 Roush Stage 3
04 Vette ProCharger car
02 Z 06
00 Camaro
06 300C
04 Vette Twin Turbo
07 Shelby GT 500
68 Nova
66 Bel Air
55 Chevy
3-Super Stocker Cars
06 Mustang
07 Mustang Turbo
06 GTO
07 Charger
93 Mustang -1800 HP Drag Radial Car
06 GTO
86 T-Bird
05 Mustang Whipple
08 Vette
07 Vette
81 Caprice classic
87 Supra Turbo
65 Mustang
77 Camaro
72 Nova
63 Ford
03 Cobra
90 Mustang
91 Mustang
06 F-350

There are about 15 more that are going that are not listed because the Make and Model are either not known or up in the air.

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Track Day Friday the 24th is Canceled. This was a rain date and it looks like it will rain again. We will announce new dates when we have them, thank you.
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