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Die cast for sale assorted 1/64th bump before Ebay..

Got many die cast cars. Make an offer. The Hot wheels were a buck to a buck fifty each and the rest were three to four dollars each. The Treasure Hunt I have no idea how much it is worth but again make an offer.:patriot:

First off. Pro Rodz:
67 Mustang GT
67 El Camino
69 Charger R/T

Next up Hot Wheels:
69 Camaro Z28 Treasure Hunt.
70 Mustang
(2) SRT8 Chargers One Yellow and one Orange metallic

Next are 1 Bad Ride:
Blue Ford GT
Patriotic Corvette
Patriotic Shelby GT 500
Grey Corvette
Orange Dodge Charger
Whilte Shelby Concept

Last Big Time Muscle:
Silver El Camino SS
Orange Race car Mustang
Blue Race car Cobra
Blue El Camino SS
Red Sting Ray Corvette
White Mustang


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Bumping this one time for new members and before I put these on ebay.
So if your interested email me PM me or just reply here :D

They really got to go :D
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