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More great work from Steven Simply...

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Pretty cool 3D renderings! The 2-tone blue/black is really slick!
Hey Hermance, I went thru your site and I really like what I've seen on there, especially the black GTO concept. Bitchin work, definately!
Can someone please tell me if my avatar is showing up? I can see it but I dont know that everyone else can. Thanks.
Thanks Steven, you too! Are you using Maya or Rhino for surfacing?

Your avatar is showing up.

Actually it's all Lightwave3D 7.5, I've been thinking about trying different renderers but any money spent right now would have to be towards the computer. I see you do quite a few different things, what all do you use if I may ask?
I sort of do it all. I'm a product designer by trade and use Alias Studio for 3D stuff during my regular design job. Occasionally, I'll use that to model wheels or body parts. I use Photoshop more than anything on my renderings. Sometimes I chop an image (like the 5th gen pace car) and the rest of the time I free-hand draw, scan and render in Photoshop. I also like getting back to basics by doing the entire think on a good ol piece of paper with markers, chaulk and gouache. It really depends on the scope of the project and my mood.

I've seen demos of Lightwave3D...looks pretty cool, your surfaces, lights and reflections are excellent!:D

Where do you get the measurements to make such an accurate model?
I cant take full credit for all the surfaces, I had help with some of it. Lightwave sort of fell in my lap so thats why I use it. I looked around and found out it's so hard to get a good answer on whats the best thing to use so I just stopped worrying about it. The first full object I made was a small boat using splines and when I spun it around, I was hooked on 3D. I've been painting murals and whatnot but I just got so bored with it all, to see something come to life in 3D has really got me excited about doing anything creative again really.
As far as the model being accurate, it isnt I can assure you. All I had was all the pictures that were online at the time, I had every single one of them saved on my computer and the few measurements that there were, length, height and width. And with that I did the best I could, but it just about drove me crazy.:BangHead: :D
wow those pictures look nice!

is some amazing work! I like where he put the Z28 badging.

I made this one my Desktop

I even like the flat black RS
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