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more TF Camaro Movie news

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you can bet that both Ford and Chevy laid out some serious dough to get such coveted spots in the movie that debuts July 4th next year. And with the announcement that Chevy has approved the Camaro for production, the movie may just be the beginning of another Mustang vs. Camaro war to take place off the silver screen on our backroads and byways. Looks like Dodge should have announced the Challenger sooner.
Is it me or everyone but GM saying its a go???
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Interesting. I'd love to know what their source it. They could be just reading too much into one of the non-offical quotes that have already come out.
Yeah, I read that quote yesterday, but of course could not find anyplace to back it up. Maybe they made an assumption based on the recent Challenger announcement. Gamers/Anime fans aren't genearlly gearheads :D
Car Mags are pretty much useless for reliable information anymore.
I won't believe it till I hear it from the horses mouth.
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