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Oh, what a (sinking) feeling.

Toyota was buffeted by more bad news Tuesday as the feds announced they are looking into complaints from Corolla owners who say they couldn't steer straight on highways.

The world's biggest car maker has already recalled more than 8 million cars around the world to fix accelerators on a number of models blamed for as many as 19 crash deaths.

And the Corolla is the company's best seller - a venerable vehicle that has served generations of motorists.

"We are reviewing steering complaints with the Corolla," said Karen Aldana, a spokeswoman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The NHTSA wants "to determine if a safety defect investigation is warranted, as is standard procedure with all complaints," she said.

There have been more than 80 complaints about Corolla steering for the 2009 and 2010 models, according to the agency's Web site.

In other Toyota-related developments:

• Mayor Bloomberg ordered a half-dozen city-owned 2010 Toyota Prius cars off the streets a day after the company had to recall 300,000 of its prized hybrids because of a software glitch with the brakes.

New York has 2,375 Prius cars - one of the largest hybrid fleets in the world. Most remain on the road because they are not affected by the recall.

• Zipcar said it is having its popular Prius rental cars checked out.

• Documents surfaced suggesting the NHTSA was made aware two years ago of reports of sudden accelerations in Toyota Tacoma pickups - but did not investigate because of "limited resources."

Local Toyota owners responding to recall notices descended on dealerships to get their cars fixed.

"They had a good reputation before, but it might take some time before they're credible again," said Andrea Farquharson, 36, who drove her black 2007 Camry to Plaza Toyota in Brooklyn for recall service at 6:30 a.m.

Plaza Toyota was supposed to start servicing cars around the clock yesterday, but those plans are now in jeopardy because of blizzard fears.

With Sarah Armaghan and Adam Lisberg

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