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MTI RACING 500ci Dominator Engine Assembly
MTI Racing is PROUD to announce the release of our 500ci Dominator LS Engine. If you want the ULTIMATE in NA power, or are planning on HIGH boost so that 6 bolt heads are necessary, the Aluminum blocked MTI Racing 500ci Dominator is the Power Plant for you. Based around RHS’s all new LS Race Block, Which if full of plenty of cool tricks of its own (Larger in block oil galleys that have been moved outboard for increased crank clearance, Block prefitted with -12 oil feeds, raised CAM location, Works with Gen 3 or Gen 4 CAM and Knock sensors, Billet main caps designed for strength and improved windage, Improved cylinder to cylinder breathing throughout engine). MTI Racing is dedicated to using the highest quality parts we can put together to make a Reliable, HIGH Horsepower monster for your favorite LS Based Vehicle.

MTI RACING 500ci Dominator
LS7 Based
- RHS A357-T6 Aluminum Tall Deck Race Block
-4.165” Bore
-4.600” Stroke
- Callies Forged Dragon Slayer Crankshaft
- MTI Racing Custom Forged Pistons
- H11 Tool Steel Wristpins
- MTI Custom built Ring packages by Total Seal
- Clevite Bearings
- MTI Racing CNC Ported LS7 Heads
-Severe Duty Double Springs
- Titanium Retainers
-MTI Racing Hardened Spring Seats and Locks
- LS7 MLS Severe Duty Head Gaskets
- Application Specific Chromoly Pushrods
-MTI Racing/Comp Cams Camshaft Ground per Application
-MTI Racing/Cloyes Dominator Timing Chain Set
-Micro Polished Gears
- Timing Chain Damper For added Longevity
-MTI Racing Ported LS7 Intake Manifold with Adapter Spacers
- MTI Racing Ported LS7 Oil Pump
- MTI Racing Extrude Honed Oil Pan
- MTI Racing Modified Oil Tank
- GM Racing High Performance Lifters
- LS7 Crank Damper
- ARP Hardware
- All Applicable Seals and Gaskets

- Color Matched Powder Coated Intake Manifold
- Fast LSX Intake Manifold (Available with Custom Porting)
- ARE Oil Pan
- ARE Dry Sump Tank
- MTI Racing Tack Oiling System
- Jesel 1.85 Ratio Shaft Rocker Arm Upgrade
- Custom Cut Spring Seats for Larger Diameter Valve Springs
- PCV Vent Tank
- SFI Rated Crank Damper
- Super Cool High Capacity Aluminum Radiator

Changes for Non LS7 Vehicles
- MTI Racing Ported Melling Oil Pump
- Oil Pan that Matches Your Specific Vehicle
- SFI Rated Underdrive Damper

Options for Forced Induction Applications
- MTI Racing Custom Tall Deck TVS Kit
- 8 or 10 Rib Belt Drive systems
- Cog Drive Belt Drive System (For Drag race application only)
- 6 Bolt per Cylinder, Cylinder Heads
- Gaskets and ARP Hardware for 6 Bolt Applications
- Overdrive Dampers Available For LS& and Non LS7 Applications
- Custom Sheetmetal Intake Manifolds for Turbo and Procharger Applications
- Piston Oil Squirters

Options for Race Cars or Your SERIOUS Tackday Car
- Straight Runner Fuel Injection
- MTI Racing Ported Melling High Volume Oil Pump
- MTI Racing Track Oil System
- Full Race Ready Dry Sump System (Doesn’t Work With AC)
- ARE Oil Pan
- ARE Oil Tank
- Vent Tank
- Razor 2 Stage Scavenge Pump
- Custom Oil Lines (Startlite or Steel Braided)
- ATI Dry Sump Damper
- Piston Oil Squirters
- Stage 5 Camshaft
- Solid Roller Lifters
- Jesel 1.85 Ratio Shaft Rocker Arm Upgrade
- Custom Cut Spring Seats for Larger Diameter Valve Springs


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How much does this cost?
How much HP can it make?

I am looking for dependable high HP NA for my race car.
I want something that will last, I don't want it to be too extreme and hard on engine parts, but I want it to make some power though.

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We are hoping to be at about 800rwhp NA, we will be testing with different intake setups, Ported GM LS7, Fast LSXR, Straight runner fuel injection, and we will be testing multiple camshafts. Will have more info as it happens.

As for cost we aren't sure yet, still working on final parts cost for the build.

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Thank you all for your interest on our newest motor project.
The price is still being finalized.
I will add pictures and hp numbers of the motor when we are done testing cam profiles on our engine dyno.
For now I have pictures of the intake manifold spacers needed to work with the taller deck height of the block.
Thanks. Chris at MTI Racing.

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