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My BumbleBee pics from Charlotte AutoFair!

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GORGEUS!! :drool: I got the best pics I could for the forum, which required a little "nudging" everybody out of the way... :lol:

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Nice pics.
Great pics! Man those hubcaps are hideous though.
Gotta hand it to the boys at looks just like the concept from afar (for the most part)..then you zoom in close and you see the differences. :p
Like the fake wheels.
And the fake exhaust tipes over the real exhaust.
Just to name two.

Still very nice! Lucky!
Is the hood ajar, or is it just really poorly aligned?
So, the Bumblebee car WAS in Charlotte today. I'm so glad that the schedule we were given is so accurate. I thought tomorrow was the 16th. I guess the hauler driver got confused. Sorry for the sarcasm, just wish the information we are given would be more accurate. By chance did anyone that did see the car today happen to find out or hear whether or not it will still be there tomorrow? Our group that's going down waited since the schedule and responses to posts all said that it wouldn't be there til tomorrow.

THANKS FOR THE PICS THOUGH. Might be all I get to see of it.
Wow nice pics. I'd still hit it flaws and all :)
Dang it. I wish I was back stateside for that. It would have been worth the drive. :(
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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