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:)I have just over 13k miles on my 11, V6 Manual. :confused:The last time I checked it was running 13.90 with minor bolt on mods. No tune or headers and runing low rest gas. Over the last month or so it seems it is getting quicker. I notice now that I can lose traction from a rolling start while in first gear.:p
For instance coming off a light at normal speed then at about 10mph I step into it my rear wheels will slightly break loose even with TC on. :eek:
I am about to order the Ported Throttle body soon, can't wait to see what it will do then.:thumbsup:. Also can easily loose trac hitting second and will do it in third if I wind it out and hit it hard. ;)
This car has a lot of bang for the buck.:lol: to be doing this on low test gas.
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