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Just got back earlier tonight from placing my order for a 2010 2SS Black Camaro. It seems a little different then what others have described. I placed my order with Fox Chevy in Timonium,MD-- who I've bought from many times before, with same salesman.

But Fox Chevy is part of AutoNation-which owns/controls several hundred dealers across the US. They told me that the orders are not placed at my dealership, but at some AutoNation central site. Needless to say, I didn't receive a "Order #", but was told that I was the 2nd person who ordered a 2SS [the 1st one also ordered the RS Package].

What the dealer took, was my wishlist [And down payment] and said I'll be contacted in Nov. I believe when AutoNation/Fox tags who gets 1st dibs based on what was ordered and what is to be made available to the dealer.

Has anyone else come across this situation when placing an order? I do fully trust the dealer,just wasn't what I quite expected. And all they had for option selection was what was also available via emails/ and this website.

Either way, I'm celebrating Christmas tonight!!!! I was just hoping I would have gotten an order# that could be tracked as it progressed. Maybe this'll be available this year.
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