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What started out as a track day is now officially an event you don't want to miss. We are really looking forward to seeing Stacey Compton at the Pedders Benchmarking Session in New Jersey.

A Little About Stacy
Stacy was born and raised in the small community of Grit, Virginia. With all his travels while employed by NASCAR teams as well as the time spent away from home while working in the Charlotte, NC area, he never considered leaving the area where he grew up.

Stacy with daughter Olivia Stacy comes from a hardworking tradition of self-reliance and from a family that has worked in the automotive, real-estate and cattle businesses for many years in south-central Virginia. Staying true to his heritage Stacy continues to raise pure-breed Black Angus Cattle as a hobby just a few miles from the farm on which he grew up.

He graduated from Lynchburg Christian Academy (now Liberty Christian Academy) in 1985. Stacy later married Vickie Younger, a local girl that he has known all of his life. The couple now has two daughters, Olivia Grace, born December 7, 2004 and Isabella Reese, born June 3rd, 2007. Before Vickie became a full-time mother and wife she worked as a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

On his farm, Stacy raises quail and pheasants for release to help to replenish the local populations which have been all but eradicated through over hunting, fewer grain crops and loss of farm land. They also plant feeder crops for the deer, turkey and other wild life. Along with 150+ head of cattle, the Compton farm is home to 2 dogs, 2cats, a llama, a miniature donkey, 3 horses and the many ducks and geese that have taken up residence on the fish ponds.

Most evenings you will find the family riding around on a "gator" (that's an ATV folks...) watching the wildlife and teaching Olivia to appreciate and to respect the land that they call home. Sometimes you might even catch Stacy and Olivia fishing in one of the ponds or picking vegetables or berries in the garden they plant and tend as a family.

Stacy's Racing Career
Racing has been a lifelong passion for Stacy who first felt the need for speed as an 11 year old racing in the KART series. In 1987 at the age of 20 Stacy's NASCAR career began with his first appearance in the Winston Racing Series (Late Model Stock). Over the years Stacy has competed extensively in the Winston Cup Series (NEXTEL Cup), the Busch Series, and the Craftsman Truck Series - where he continues to race today.

Stacey is in car #59.

Stacy on the set at ESPN Just this January Stacy signed a 3-year deal to work as "lead analyst" for ESPN. "It's a huge opportunity. Any time you can get in front of 275 million homes is pretty big. I wanted to get into the broadcasting end of it at some point. I didn't know I was going to be able to get into it this quick, but I'm pretty excited about it. It's an opportunity of a lifetime for me." He is a regular contributor to the ultra-popular sports news show SportsCenter, and shares his racing expertise on three racing-exclusive programs a week during the season. He and host Erik Kuselias do a Monday "NASCAR Now" program, and Compton appears on two Sunday "RaceDay" shows.

Spectators and Drivers are welcome at the Pedders Benchmarking and New Jersey Track Day session. You can register with Dan VanHorn.

To register for this event contact Dan via this email [email protected]
Monday, March 30, 2009

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Once again, we want to extend our thanks to Dan for doing an eXtremely professional job. Eric, What can I say -- Awesome Job!
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