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Need advice on value!!!

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This is my grandma's car that she's looking to get rid of. I'm not sure how much it is worth, or more importantly how much it will sell for. Can you guys help? All the options are below, w/ pic below that... I'm not sure what engine is in it, but I'm heading over to her house later tonight so I'll find out and edit this post later...

1977 El Camino S/S
P-Door Locks
AM-FM Cassette,
factory air,
non-original power seats,
Fiberglass deck lid
85,000 miles - hardly driven-garaged
Inky gold line rims
The paint is new but in the original colors.

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need a price.
That's what I'm asking... I don't know what I should suggest she try to sell it for! I tried NADA, but that wasn't specific enough. Hell it didn't even ask what engine it had, milage, or anything about options or accessories!
Try looking it up on Manheim Gold:

Also there's one listed for $7895 on Old Car Trader:
...condition is about the same, miles are less, not an SS.
Dude, I want that *mullet*.

The engine is a 350.
The power seats are out of a Cutlass Supreme from somewhere around 65-67, and they do match the interior well.
Man..if I had spare cash...I would buy that right now. :(

Well I'm talking to her right now and I think she's settled on asking somewhere around $7000
It would be hard to accurately guage what it is worth. The blue book's would have it alot less than what someone else might pay for it. I'd Ebay it with a reserve set at like 6500. A car like that should attract some enthusiast who would pay that much.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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