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Need For Speed: Carbon

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sweeeeeeet :D
better have that for ps3 :BangHead: cus i dont wanna buy xbox360
Nice, I'll have to pick that one up... for PC of course. :)
dude im buying the game even if i dont have the game system
I love that the cars it in the game I just will have to get my kid to play the **** thing for me. Everything since about SuperMario 3 has been to **** complicated for this guy.:BangHead:
..Yeah finally camaro in a new racing game......:) **** i love need for speed games they always off the hook lol
Well according to the ad in the EGM I got the other day, its multi-platform.
I agree that it is sweeet!
I seen a pic of a corvette z06!!!!!! that thing is gonna kickass
I am going to reserve this game and drive a 5th gen asap!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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