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All WA state Camaro owners!

The Cruise Cle Elum car show is tomorrow (sorry for the short notice post) and the city council was trying to get rid of the "Coolest Specialty" catagory until I made a big deal about it! So I am trying to get some great cars to come to the show that normally don't. There is normally two to three hundred cars that attend, music, and they shut down main street and park everyone on mainstreet. The businesses will still be open during the show (including food!). They parade the winners down mainstreet at the end of the show, and then everyone goes on a cruise up through Roslyn towards Lake Cle Elum. It's a lot of fun! Help me make an impression on the show. I have three, maybe four Challengers coming and would love to have Camaro representation (Mustangs didn't reply). I have attached the show info and registration form (you can register when you get there).

Thanks again!!!


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