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New 6th Gen Camaro revealed in Transformers 4 movie?

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Yes, you heard it on my site first!

Transformers 4 & 6th Generation Camaro? - Camaro Corvette Dealer Milwaukee Wisconsin

With the pre-production of Transformers 4 going on for its release June 2014, and given the role the Chevy Camaro plays in it, will the 2015 6th Gen Camaro be one of the stars against the villain Unicron? My sources say it is ‘Highly Probable” that we will.

There’s no doubt that the first Transformers movie helped boost Camaro sales above that of it’s competitor, the Mustang. What a GREAT way to bring in the 6th Generation Camaro!

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This is really going to be a big challenge to the new Challenger.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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