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This is my first post on this forum, and i joined becuase im very interested in buying a 4th gen. B4C cammaro. i currently have a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, and i love it, but i just need something new. ive done a lot of work to the crown vic, and im trying to sell it now, and get a B4C. now, my problem is that its very hard to find one. ive found a couple police vehicle sites that sell them, and they look great, and i have a couple calls in to them. i also have a couple calls into the NYSP about an auction comming up, and ill know for sure if there are camaros there on monday.

Does anyone know any other places to get one? or anyone selling one? ive been looking everythwere for 2 days straight, and im having a lot of trouble finding them.
I'm very excited to get one, and i have a feeling ill love it more than my crown vic. they look like they are fun cars to work on, and i cant wait to get one.

Heres a picture of my crown vic, which is for sale:

used to look like this:
i cant figure out how to post the pictures themselves onto this forum.

thanks for reading, any help would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the site. 02 Camaro is right
just buy a reg camaro and put the police
package on your self, It would be less
money going that way.

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Welcome to the site!

Keep looking on the police car sites, and look on Ebay, AutoTrader,, and the sale section on LS1tech.
Those sites are probably your best bet.

It will be hard to find though because the production numbers were pretty low...
1997: 251
1998: 239
1999: 196
2000: 230
2001: 288
2002: 702

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Hello and welcome to the site.

The B4C's are indeed going to be a lil hard to come by. Lots of reasons to get one of course. Better brakes, sway bars, added fluid coolers, higher voltage alternator and most of the time its in the lightweight low option Z28 body. Remove the Z28 badges and dual exhaust and it could pass for a V6.

As far as fun to work on? Change the plugs once, you'll change your mind quick. Fun "AFTER" you work on yes, personally I cuss everytime I have to most underhood work.
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